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Edward "Obbie West" Wilson

International Spoken Word Artist/ Advocate, Author & Father

Abuse Reduction Trainer

Edward Wilson, stage name Obbie West is a native of Los Angeles, a retiree from the United States Army.  Aside from serving his country, he is an International Spoken Word artist, an Advocate and Author of a Poetry book entitled Blossom.


Obbie’s life with Poetry began in 2011 in Killeen, TX under the tutoring of the Killeen Poetry Slam and has thrived ever since.   He travels the world as a guest speaker, presenting life depicting Poetry on a variety of topics.  In 2016, he altered his concentration to sexual violence. His discussion, Poetic delivery, and awareness focuses on prevention of disruptive behaviors.  He is an avid sexual violence prevention advocate and is committed to promoting awareness through training and education.  He is also a social activist motivating individuals through Poetry. Edward has invested a personal and sincere interest in bringing awareness to and changing the climate surrounding sexual assault and harassment throughout the U.S. Military, universities, and communities at large.  

Edward offers Poetry presentations from a unique and captivating angle. His uncut, straight forward approach is thought provoking and serves as a call-for-action for all in attendance.  His signature Poem, "The Perpetrator's Perspective", was recognized by Department of the Army, MG Keith L. Ware Communications Award, 1st Place; Long Form Production Video. The widely known Poem has been incorporated into sexual assault training throughout the military.  By using this modernized method of speaking he has creatively designed a training outline that is impactful and attractive to all audiences, assurance to reach younger generations.

Edward Wilson is the owner of Words of West, LLC. and is known primarily by his stage name “Obbie West”

Culture change is a collective effort

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